Ambulatory care & surgery in obstetrics and gynaecology

Ambulatory care & surgery in obstetrics and gynaecology

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08:30 Welcome & registrations

08:55 Introduction
          Koen Traen (OLV Aalst) & Maxime Fastrez (ULB)

Session 1 Ambulatory care 
in obstetrics

Chairs : Isabelle Dehaene (UZ Gent) & Clotilde Lamy (ULB)

09:00 Outpatient caesarean section

          Kaouther Dimassi (University Tunis El Manar, Tunisia

          / UFR Santé, University Caen Normandie, France)

09:30 Ambulatory care in patients with PPROM

          Tinne Mesens (ZOL, Genk)

10:00 Sponsored symposium Hologic

          “Minimally invasive procedures for abnormal uterine blood loss in the 
           outpatient setting ”

           Steven Weyers (UZ Gent)

10:30 Coffee break

Session 2 Hospital goes bankrupt

Chairs : Liesbeth Lewi (UZ Leuven) & Patrick Emonts (CHU Liège)

11:00 Switch to ambulatory surgery : financial impact

          Bart Demyttenaere (Solidaris)

11:30 Telemetric monitoring in pregnancy

          Julien Penders (Bloom Life)

Session 3 No pain no gain

Chairs : Tjalina Hamerlynck (UZ Gent) & Bianca Robu (UCLouvain)

12:00 Enhanced quality of recovery after ambulatory gynaecological surgery

          Marc Coppens (UZ Gent)

12:30 Multimodal analgesia for ambulatory gynaecological surgery

          An Teunkens (UZ Leuven)

13:00 Lunch & exhibit

Session 4 Ambulatory care
in oncological surgery

Chairs : Els Van Nieuwenhuysen (UZ Leuven) & Maxime Fastrez ULB)  

14:00 Outpatient robotic endometrial cancer surgery

          Martin koskas (Hôpital Bichat, APHP, Paris, France)

14:30 Outpatient breast cancer surgery

          Martine Berlière (St-Luc, UCLouvain)

15:00 Sponsored symposium Astellas

          "Are NK3R inhibitors a new paradigm in the management of

           menopause related VMS ?"

           Serge Rozenberg (CHU St. Pierre - ULB)

15:30 Coffee break

Session 5 Outpatient gynaecology
and urogynaecology

Chairs : Ann-Sophie Page (UZ Leuven) & Pascale Grandjean (HELORA, Mons)

16:00 The best surgery is no surgery : ultrasound guided procedures

          Thierry Van den Bosch (RZ Tienen / UZ Leuven)

16:30 Possibilities and challenges in ambulatory urogynaecological surgery

          Laurent de Landsheere (ULiège)

17:00 Pushing the limits in outpatient hysteroscopy 

          Patricia Nervo (ULiège)

17:30 Drink